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Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Download

Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Download

Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Download

An expansion for Age of Empires II thirteen years later. That fact in itself is special. That enlargement also is made entirely by fans, makes the whole thing a little more beautiful. Especially because we are dealing here with a high-quality piece of software. High time then to the old game back out.
Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires TorrentAge Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Torrent
Let's start with the most important question: what adds the Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires download extension? Thirty five new civilizations, among other new technologies, nine new units and eleven new maps. We are talking here not about just a modification of an old strategy game. The creators have done their best to create an addition to Age of Empires II. Quite a challenge. The classic game is known as very balanced and so coarse tinkering with a master work is almost asking for trouble. Especially considering the purists not necessarily waiting for renewals.

Head designer and manager Cysion expected the necessary resistance. According to him, were the first reactions from the community not very enthusiastic, but rather "somewhat agreeing". "This was good enough for me to continue," said the hobbyist, which occurred in the beginning especially focused on adding new civilizations. Also attached were closed Later in the process with other fans who were working on a project to improve the artificial intelligence of the game and the Forgotten Empires project grew steadily. Meanwhile the team with hobbyists have grown worse and they continue to work on improving the game.

Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Download
Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires download lagy behind in terms of presentation, graphics, sound and technique. But this doesn't mean that you as a strategy fan should pass this game. After I started my first game, I had the hang of it quickly, without that I used to be a huge fan of AOE 2. The concept of Age of Empires II is still strong and the possibility against several new (smart) artificial opponents to play, directly in front of a challenge. The new civilizations are also pleasing to the eye. The temples of the Inca's stitches beautifully against the architecture of the old world as found at the Italians and the Eastern European Slavs. The new units and technologies make the game more complex and also give it a depth, leaving me in no-time significance in managing my base and at the same time, thought about my strategy for the opponent to attack, without but at some point by to have that here in the core to a thirteen year old game.

The question remains about whether Forgotten Empires also for you is worth your time. For anyone with a heart for strategy games is the expansion a good reason to play is. Players who all those years back though not a fan of the series were, will also now not be. Forgotten Empires is not a revolution, but a free piece of software which has been added to the thirteen year old game so it is back to the modern time with smart opponents, new maps, a full range of civilizations and support for Windows 7.

Age Of Empires 2 HD Forgotten Empires Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP - Windows 8.1+
RAM: 1 GB Memory
GFX: Direct X 9.0c capable GPU
DX: DirectX 9.0C
HDD: 2 GB free hard drive space
Other: mouse and keyboard ______________________________________________________________________________________


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